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We are continuing on with Flight Training Lessons for Sienna, a student pilot working on her Private Pilot license (certificate). We’ve been flying a lot recently and she’s making progress as she learns to become a pilot.

In this lesson, we mix things up a little bit. Instead of going out and doing a syllabus-type lesson, her dad wants to come along. Not the best time for stalls, slow flight, or steep turns!

Most of our work so far has been the basics of coordination, holding altitude, heading, and positive control of the aircraft. Flying the Cessna 172 isn’t that hard. It’s a very pilot-friendly airplane. So even after a few student pilot flight lessons, she’s really doing well at controlling the airplane.

As we take off and fly through the mountains here in Alaska, the scenery is incredible as always. It being winter time almost, and snow is starting to fall on the peaks. But you see some great foliage as well.

Sienna does a great job controlling the airplane with her coordinated turns, stick and rudder skills, and holding altitude.

What I really like about this flight lesson is it’s a practical and real flying scenario. This is the type of flying she’ll be doing once she gets her private pilot license. But intermixed is me as a CFI teaching her how to do it, and giving pointers. It just went really well. She’s doing really well so far.



Chris Palmer

Chris Palmer has been in aviation training and creating educational content since 2006. As a career CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) and Master Aviation Educator* Chris trains dozens of pilots year round at his Alaska-based flight school, Angle of Attack HQ.
He’s one of Youtube’s leading Aviation Training Content Creators with over 120K subscribers. With a focus on developing and sharing new flight training methods, techniques, and tips. Chris founded Angle of Attack to offer a new, fresh and modern spin on aviation training. AOA does this by keeping the building on the wonderful knowledge passed down through the generations, married with new and modern media.


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